Support in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS.

Support poor communities, help the needy, save the children, fight HIV, and end violence.

Are you aware that almost 80% of violence cases in developing nations are as a result of poverty.  Domestic violence, child torture, rape, murders, and mob justice is too common in different slum areas. Countries with unceasing wars are extremely poor. Violence and HIV/AIDS depend on poverty to prevail in such communities.

It is the environment around them, its not their fault! By the time they woke up, they were victims.

Most Children have been victimized by the poor environment they grow up in. They suffer from HIV/AIDS because they were born with it, raped by an infected person, or forced to marry a an infected man. They fail to go to school, because of child labor for the family to survive, because they are poor, because the guardians are drunkards, because they are orphans without support, because they are from poor rural areas, and because they were born girls. They are forced into the streets because of child torture, fear, rape, lack of love, drug addictions, because they are rebelling against forced marriages and because they are orphans without support.

Support the needy
Listen and Counsel.
Street children belong to the Nation and so are those from the poor slum areas.

We are here to hold our tools and give a hand the best way we can. They can testify.