AHI-Uganda’s School Outreach at Kireka Army Primary School.

Bad Behavior can change with time if you can acknowledge that you are a victim of that behavior. Then seek attention, know how you can be helped. Then accept to start the journey to transformation, and eventually enjoy the freedom. Freedom from drug addiction, theft, pornography among many.

Kireka barracks is one of the needy schools in Kampala, the largest number of the school’s population, is children of soldiers and police officers. These children have a lot of needs in terms of basic scholastic materials, psycho-social support, spiritual support, and counseling needs. Their senior woman teacher on the right ‘Madam Katono’ has been of help, in letting us reach out to these children.  Our outreaches in Kireka Barracks have not been in vain, we have been able to offer free counseling services to these children and the children have loved our services and are willing to open up to us.

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