All are entitled to Clean Water Supply

Clean Water Supply

Majority of people in rural and slum areas of the urban lack clean water. Most Villages rely on ponds and collected rain water in holes on the ground or swamps, which is not clean enough for consumption. Hence the need fore boreholes, which supply clean water at zero cost to such communities

Water Supply


Uganda has experienced two decades of economic growth, leading to large population movements from rural areas to informal settlements around urban centers. High population growth stressed the water and sanitation services that exist. 51 percent of Ugandans lack access to safe water and 81 percent do not have access to improved sanitation facilities.

Further, due to disparities in water access in Uganda, urban people living in poverty pay as much as 22 percent of their income to access water from water vendors. Spending such a high percentage of earnings on water reduces overall household income, limiting opportunities to build savings and break the cycle of poverty.

“Join us in the struggle to provide bore holes to needy communities in Uganda”