Support the most needy during this COVID 19 Pandemic

Impact Lives Through the Mercy Bag Program

Your Donation means a lot!

The Effect...

Where to stay during the COVID 19 lock down is more worrying than the Pandemic. .

Why support?

Due to the COVID-19 lock down, majority of the low income earning Ugandans who rely on day to day income, employees and small business owners in urban and slum areas  do not worry about the pandemic, but severe hunger, loss of jobs and loss of businesses. The government has tried to support but overwhelmed by the numbers. Some household heads are frustrated to the extent of committing suicide or abandoning their own families and children. Join us and support the most needy.

Little can make a big difference

A bag of maize flour, rice, and beans. Can make a big difference in a single mother’s life and her family.

About the Mercy Bag

This is a donation bag that we put in place both in schools and communities for soliciting funds to support in skilling and sensitization of Communities, Schools, Prisoners, identification of beneficiaries of the project, empowering and monitoring funded projects, renovation and building homes, hospitals, schools, orphanages and rehabilitation centers for identified beneficiaries, provision of clean water and basic necessities as well as setting up a saving scheme.

Join us in this service...