Support poor communities, help the needy, save the children, fight HIV, and end violence.



Are you aware that almost 80% of violence cases in developing nations are as a result of poverty. Domestic violence, child torture, rape, murders, and mob justice is too common in different slum areas. Countries with unceasing wars are extremely poor. Violence and HIV/AIDS depend on poverty to prevail in such communities.
Most Children have been victimized by the poor environment they grow up in. They suffer from HIV/AIDS because they were born with it, raped by an infected person, or forced to marry a an infected man. They fail to go to school, because of child labor for the family to survive, because they are poor, because the guardians are drunkards, because they are orphans without support, because they are from poor rural areas, and because they were born girls. They are forced into the streets because of child torture, fear, rape, lack of love, drug addictions, because they are rebelling against forced marriages and because they are orphans without support.


Community Outreach at Kasenyi slum, in Banda.

AHI-Uganda team paid a visit to some of the HIV/AIDS affected households in the slum community of Kasenyi, during the needy household support and care visits. To offer support and free counseling services.




St. Mary’s Primary School ABC+E=V3 Campaigns School Outreach with Teachers only.

AHI-Uganda was given an opportunity to first train the teachers before training the children on the ABC (Abstinence Be faithful character change) approach and behavior change.



AHI-Uganda’s School Outreach at Kireka Barracks Primary School.

Kireka barracks is one of the needy schools in Kampala, the largest number of the school’s population, is children of soldiers and police officers. These children have a lot of needs in terms of basic scholastic materials, psycho-social support, spiritual support, and counseling needs. Their senior woman teacher on the right ‘Madam Katono’ has been of help, in letting us reach out to these children. Our outreaches in Kireka Barracks have not been in vain, we have been able to offer free counseling services to these children and the children have loved our services and are willing to open up to us.

AHI-Uganda participates in HWPL’s Peace Walk



Ahi-Uganda honors HWPL’s Invitation to participate in the 25th May’s Peace walk, which took place at Makerere University. Ahi-Uganda advocates for peace in the world. We say “abstain from mob justice! and domestic violence!” We love peace.



School Outreach at Creamland Primary School

When you Abstain from all life threatening behaviors. You will have a great future, a great career, a great marriage, great health and a great life.



Preparations for the Behavior Change Campaigns Launch.


AHI-Uganda practices in preparations for the behavior change Campaigns launch of 29th June 2019. A joint effort of AHI-Uganda staff, Interns, youth, men and women from the local community, and children from different schools. Participated willingly in the preparations at zero cost, because of their support for behavior change.