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    "I learnt to give not because I have a lot, but because I know how it feels to have nothing"

    How to donate

    • You can send your donation or funds directly to AHI-Uganda Bank Account; Bank:  Diamond Trust Bank (DTB). Account Number: 0139416001 Shillings Account / 0139416002 US Dollar Account

    • You can contact us from the main office, through our address AHI-Uganda, P.O. Box 40491, Nakawa. Located along Kilule road in Kireka, Wakiso District, Uganda. 

    • Or talk to us directly on 0393208513

    • Or Email us through the Organization’s

    Why donate?

    • You could be a God sent the answer to a needy household that has lost hope.

    • You could also be the only chance a child on the street has to lead a healthy lifestyle.
    • There could be an old abandoned woman in one of the poor isolated villages in Africa, that might have a chance to live because of your help.
    • How about a teenager who is soon committing suicide because of a situation that he or she is tied of; and yet you can support the ACC Clubs team to reach out for rescue, to such a teenager.
    • Your support will help an HIV/AIDS affected needy household, to survive and live, leading a normal healthy lifestyle.X-prisoners who have completed their punishments will have a fresh start; away from the stigma, rejection and shame of being convicted at one point.
    • Children in needy communities will not starve to death, because of your support.
    • Several Communities will put an end to mob justice and domestic violence, because of your support.