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  1. But don’t take that literally, because as you can see in the video, you can also use it to create all kinds of funky music, thanks to its 9 keys, 49 velocity-sensitive pads, midi controller and the 20 factory-programmed, one-shot envelopes.
    The best way to learn how to use this new plugin is by simply exploring the presets. There’s no need to invest in additional patches that will only make your money go to waste.

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  2. MF ConvertImg – is an easy and powerful batch tool designed to convert ma and EMF files to all popular image formats, including JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, EMF, TIF, etc. With a few drag and drop actions the program will convert any image files or album.
    The interface of our program is very easy and clear, so you can finish your processing in a few simple steps. Designed to save your time, use the built

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    After 11:20, you can still register for the event until 03:19, but the entry is now only a formality. Your name has already been entered into the database and… you’ll need to gain permission to enter the stadium!
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  4. How far will you take your voice overs?

    One thing In life that ever been takes is your out reach.

    Does 2 + 2 = 4?

    Despite all known laws of the Earth, China is claiming there are two “Hong Kongs” and therefore, it’s the rightful ownership of this island.

    While the Dalai Lama condems violence on all sides, the Tibetan Independence Party is calling for all armed resistance. And both factions appear

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  5. Rimsky is a free, ad-supported streaming music service that lets you customize music player for any device. It feels like Spotify on the web, but the ad integration lets you listen to songs offline without any commercials.

    Rimsky is a free, ad-supported streaming music service that lets you customize music player for any device. It feels like Spotify on the web, but the ad integration lets you listen to songs offline without any commercials.
    This app is only for

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  6. With a nice interface and user-friendly features, there is no reason that you would not give it a try.
    This time, we want to take a look at Sonos Beam, a wireless speaker (also known as Sonos Play:5) that can charge other devices. It is ideal for those who travel, due to its small size and built-in rechargeable battery. Its battery can be charged using any common wall socket or adapter. It is much more convenient than having to carry

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  7. Tests have shown that We Batch PDF Merger processes a large number of files very quickly and provides excellent output results. It doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.

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  8. Zix Solutions Ltd has launched the new version 9.3 of its mail management solution Zumara. The new version of the product is greatly improved and offers a number of new features. The product can be downloaded from the Zix Solutions website.

    A new lightweight Windows application for remote file tagging has been released as a free download. The service allows file tagging using the tags of color scheme or by projects. The format for adding tags is a standard easy to handle.

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  9. Windows lets users connect their portable devices to computers easily. Being number one, it allows users to exchange content. Windows 10 simplifies this process even more with its “My Windows” and “My Phone” options. Its ‘My Phone’ option stores your files on the cloud, available on your phone. Here are five ways Windows 10 can help you save you time.

    1. My Phone option

    My phone option helps you to enjoy as well

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  10. Advanced Multitasking 1Step DVD Copy provides a unique and unparalleled user experience that allows you to handle multiple functions at a time without any limitations. This is achieved through stacking of toolbar windows on top of each other, with each window being accessible and active simultaneously.
    For example, if you wish to add a title to the DVD, you can perform any additional steps–burning, copying, ripping–without losing track of the title in question, thanks to the unique widget feature.1.

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  11. You can find more details in our download page, where The Magnifier is available for free.

    Registered: January 2007
    The pFScannel team has been developing this webcam utility since June 2006 and they have continued to impress us ever since. The software consists of a basic utility (pFScam), a server-based utility (pFScannel) and a web frontend (pFScamWeb).
    The free version of the software consists of a web cam

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  12. Graph Designer Make Visual Graph is a very handy tool that helps you designing slides or presentation on your home computer.
    With this tool, you can align your slide or canvas to the edge of the window, move the slide or canvas to the left side or right side, top, down, or resize the slide or canvas to the desired size. You also can adjust the rotation of the canvas to the right, left, up, or down. If you want to save the slide in a

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  13. FilterBank3 is suitable for 2D performance and MIDI, its chain module design means it plays a number of classic instruments including ‘tranquil piano’,’verbose synth’ and ‘orchestral synth’ plus its unique range of tools, from reverberating string instruments to clean basses – the choice is completely yours.

    Record FX features 72 new effects and filters that will provide the warm and professional touch to any loop, dialogue, or instrument. Record FX is perfect for those who

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  14. While it is true that the real heart of the application lies in the embedded packages database, it is still an interesting app that is worth checking out.
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    inWinTV LE / Pro – The ultimate universal media solution for all families

    inWinTV LE / Pro – The ultimate universal media solution for all families

    Hey fam, did you know that now you can have this great video player

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  15. Older Work

    As older work continues to become more complex, the need to shift to a lean manufacturing system becomes ever more critical. Fulfilling this need requires establishing new ways of thinking about product development and manufacturing. It requires changing the way we work and how we measure performance. Failure to address the growing complexities of manufacturing in older work, adds cost and complexity without benefit to the project or the organization. It requires special attention to the need to provide strategic direction and plans for future development

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  17. No It is not some leet scripting language like paintcode that will allow you to do all of it.
    You will be provided with templates for most situations.
    However, all of the programming is done in HTML, CSS and includes PHP.
    The result of this is you get an easy-to-use, incredibly powerful icon generator.

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  18. Cool Photo Wall is a picture sharing extension for Google Chrome. It features a widget that will place your favorite photos on a timeline that you can easily change.
    The plugin allows you to place multiple pictures on the background. Using drag-and-drop, you can change the order of them and then you can also modify the picture position.
    Plus, it has a neat little feature for newbies: the ability to quickly add notes to your photo on the fly. Nice touch!
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  19. The questions pile up so fast and furious over the course of any given Game of Thrones season that when certain characters die off, they’re often replaced by something unexpected. The mechanisms that create that particular effect feel like a secondary concern, but every so often, they work to play up a character’s or story’s final resting place. Sometimes, though, they actually seem to purposely marginalize or pander to viewers’ priorities. There’s no more explicit example of this than one of the most intriguing
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  20. You can thus adjust the user interface, margins, print resolution or add thumbnails and watermarks.
    Image properties may be modified as well. They can be cleared completely, reduced to a maximum size, scaled, rotated and cropped with the desired dimensions. You may also include the presence of a text frame (text box), and several appearance attributes, such as a vertical line, and details such as the background and text color. These features allow you to make much more customizat…Read
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  21. Opening the Tap TEMPLATE vector file creates this part and all further parts.
    These parts are located in the following subdirectories:
    To modify the following:
    Hover over the part, then click on the color tab, click the customize button at the bottom of the tab, and in the pop-up menu select one of the colors in the following list:
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  22. CONS
    Not a backup app; you must use someone else’s server to store your files.
    Even if encrypted, the files must be transmitted over the internet, which could raise privacy issues.
    Download it from the App Store here.

    Download Think Shot (Think)+ 2.0

    This version does not require the Unlinkage plugin to fully work.If you are still having issues, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.We are in the
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  23. Learn more about Matterport 3D Home Tours 2.1.0

    You can find a detailed description about the features on the application’s features page.

    Learn more about Multiprojector 4.9.0

    Learn more about Happily 4.0.23

    Scanning is one of the most important parts of the imaging process. Unfortunately, many people fail to provide themselves with a solution for this problem. If you have the same issues, you
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  24. Notice:  you can use it as an external app!


    How to build/release an installable JAR file for service desk control center 6.1

    We are facing a problem due to this plugin which was working very well until 6.1 release. It is a javaee plugin and we used to install it by using the “update” command. From the Juno we noticed this command has gone. But the problem remains. We want this plugin to
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  25. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) are familiar programs for the majority of users who use Office, but they’re also power tools for creating and editing data, and that’s important for people who work in industries like finance and architecture. There are other programs like Quattro Pro, which provides more advanced tools for professionals, but I’ve had success using Word, and I’m sure the basic functionality is similar with Excel and Powerpoint.
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    ■ It is only developed for Windows operating system.
    ■ Please install Lookbaoin any way except to accompany the packaging.
    A brief introduction about lookBao IE :
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  27. Security Guard Professional is a software product for a better working day for Security. This program includes tools for introduction an synchronize work in different places. In addition to the application allows to transfer data and records, perform transactions, view reports and access to databases.
    The program includes useful units such as scheduler, alarm panel, biometric code checker, public area control unit, glass break sensors, among others. The most popular security options include fingerprint scanners, magnetic cards and fingerprint readers,
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  28. :

    Windows Firewall Control Researc

    Wallace MP3 Transfer is a program to transfer files from your PC to your iPod, iPad, iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry phone, or any other music player with a headphone jack. Using the Internet, it backs up MP3 files to your iPod, if it is connected to the USB port or to your computer using a memory card reader.
    Basically it will back up all MP3 files in the desktop directory of a folder where the
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  29. After all, you can do a lot with it, by installing it into your systems as a small and simple tool.

    A-TOOLS is a collection of all-in-one advanced network monitoring applications and utilities on one slim real driver CD. It consists of the Antivirus, Antispy, LAN monitor, Web browser and a large amount of additional applications collected in one bundle which work effortlessly together…

    AxWatch is a real time and embedded UAV related
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  30. …more »

    Audio Task Launcher – by BasicAudio |
    The Audio Task Launcher is a mini version of the famous Winamp music player, that opens individual tasks for classic ALSA audio-recordings via microphone and/or CD-audio. It’s perfect for…

    Blue Snail Studio MP3 Player by The Dream Factory |
    The Blue Snail Studio is a small yet intuitive MP3 player that features a number of FM wireless funtionality. A slot for an
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  31. Users can easily configure and control several simultaneous connections with a single window
    Each connection also has a window that can be split to make it easier to view and use the session. You can also configure what additional features you want to use in each connection.
    In addition to this, you can also automate various functions that can be run on a scheduled basis and automatically make new connections. Plus, XwRemote contains a built-in scheduler.
    Secure and encrypted connections
    XwRemote doesn
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  32. If you are unsure about how to update it, you have to do it manually.
    The software is a lightweight solution that’s perfect for running on portable devices. It can be run through the command-line, so it doesn’t need desktop icons. It is a well-documented app, so it allows you to run it via simple steps.
    When it comes to checking the IP address, ip is convenient, reliable, and quite unobtrusive. It doesn’
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  33. Gets the requested value associated with a given MIB instance and the type of value.


    The MIB instance to get the request

    Contains the Get request type and object

    The requested object

    The result of the Get operation


    // Create the server socket
    mibSock = new SNMPComSock();
    // Initialize the SNMP structure
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  34. In the From Connection Detail window, you have the choice of whether to include the user as a system administrator or the domain. In terms of system administrator, this option specifies the account that Doffen SSH Tunnel Administrator offers you the prerogatives to set up the authentication and authorization to administer that user’s account.
    On the other hand, in the option to specify the domain, you can set it up as an administrator and assign the privileges to access it and to read the available information and
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  35. New Grey Scale Exporter allows for more realistic map splotches, and better localization!
    A couple of months ago, we released Grey Scale Exporter, a new way to re-imagine pictures in Google Earth. Now, with Improved Level of Detail (LOD) support, as well as support for a better localization of map splotches, the new tool is ready to go! Let’s dive in and find out more, after the break!
    What is Grey Scale?
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  36. This turns out to be a big advantage as there are so many different functions built-in to Windows that use traditional mouse buttons to magnify.

    Nikon recently announced the addition of a new image processing option to the Nikon D3. This new option takes RAW files from Nikon’s D3, adds features like chromatic aberration removal, high dynamic range (HDR) processing, and advanced anti-shake (image stabilization), all in-camera, without the need
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  37. After that, you will be able to see the thumbnails of the chosen and selected images in your system. From there, you can download them without leaving the application.

    Navigate to the column that shows a list of search results. You will see the name of the image and you can click it to directly download it to the folder of your choice.

    If you want, you can open the image using Photoshop or other types of program.

    Select a large image and find
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  38. Essential
    Web Pics Scans
    – Web catalogs put photos, drawings and other forms of digital imagery on the Internet. Millions of web users visit web catalogs every day!
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  39. DVD Video Copier has no compression codecs, no support for menus, no transitions (except at a beginning of a title from a movie). DVD Video Copier encoding/protection is very simple, but the quality is very good, so you don’t need to search for any additional codecs or menu search. DVD Video Copier has very simple interface. You can copy DVD video in the folder where your movies are, or on ISO image file on hard disc, or on rewritable
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  40. Theme #8 – Expression Web Premium | CustomFonts
    Express Web Premium is one of the most popular HTML website templates, named after a wonderful calendar template. It comes with several great features and one more thing… a professional look!

    Theme #7 – AndrewBT
    Funky and stylish template based on design themes of the well known BBC series ‘Andrew Bt’. Theme includes four styles of a Gallery Section, specials, events and
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  41. File info: • Sub-directories: 1
    • Filename Format: 2
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