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    Spinetoft, Inc. is pleased to announce their new MediaMiner 2017 product, a new batch-to-batch feature for

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  4. Pros

    Very easy to use

    Simple interface

    Good image quality


    Image viewer is not included

    No saved settings

    The app only supports JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and TIF formats

    PhotoRefiner is a simple-to-use Windows program that enables you to make some adjustments to image files. It offers support for JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIF photo formats.


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  5. To learn the advantages and disadvantages of using Jagware PST to PDF Wizard and other similar programs, you can also check our Best Outlook E-mail Extractors articles.

    Feb 10, 2019

    Jagware PST to PDF Converter is a trusted utility that is designed to help you convert Outlook PST files to PDF. It supports all popular e-mail formats, such as HTML, MHTML, DOC, DOCX, RTF, and more.
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  6. Indices and query formats

    Developed by
    Covered by Open Source license
    Community maintained
    PDF/HTML Specification document and more information available at

    How Apple’s Algorithm Works

    Two years ago today, Apple suddenly introduced a new rumour: the iPad would take pictures.

    Since then, as we’ve come to learn, Apple has been silently perfecting a new

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  7. It is possible to choose to add an administrative account to the authorized list, which will allow the installation to continue.
    The wizard will prepare the computer to run Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Group Chat and the dependent services, which include Microsoft SQL Server database. It can also add the administrative accounts and configure the appropriate user settings. This is a Microsoft Windows-based application, so it must be installed from a CD or DVD disk to use it.
    This application is part of Microsoft Lync Server 2010

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    By Adrian

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    PhotoWhirl is an easy-to-use and fun tool that shows you a worldwide map as well as photographs for different places to give you an idea of what you can find there.
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    More Information about ERG Calc

    Relative Date Calculator is a simple-to-use and accessible piece of software for Windows that can help you quickly access information about dates and anniversaries.
    Software developers have reported that the Relative Date Calculator is a useful tool that cal…
    More Information about Rat Date Calculator

    EZtime Present Time is a simple-to-use and accessible piece of software developed as a time conversion utility that can help you compare

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    LVPath Generator is a very useful Windows utility designed to generate high quality components for Laidir (LPAS, Lisp With Paths), which is an interpreted Common Lisp that runs on top of MS Windows.

    ScriptExpert is a completely free, intuitive and powerful Windows Scripting tool developed by the Independent Developer Studio, a Melbourne, Victoria, Australia software development

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  14. Using MSI Data Stream Utility MSIs installed as the WIN-PCOS-ART.msi, the program can find a setting called IgnoreRmvs and set it to 2 to save unwanted registry entries and zero out optional component files.

    But if for some reason, it is not set correctly, then it can be corrected with this application using the ReadOnly option to act as the repair function.
    MSI Data Stream Utility can also load an uncorrupted MSI or repair it

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    What’s new in this version:

    Minor bugfix;
    Minor UI improvement

    What’s wrong:

    No visual changes;
    No significant new features

    Expect the developers to focus on updating the application over the course of the next months.

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    Friday, 12 February 2013

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  18. time
    ■ Advanced features such as:
    –Complete option list (Ability to use brute force with IV).
    –User’s manual
    –Change log file
    –Operating systems: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
    –Programming language: Multi-thread, GUI
    –Program size: 11,05 MB
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  19. Blocky Ninja slots a login screen onto every gaming box after installing (and removing) the login dot. Running as a tray application and preinstalled with World of Warcraft is an attractive feature, but if the only reason you’d install it is to customize your login screen (rather than have a WoW-appropriate appearance), you might want to consider doing it all yourself.

    The large casting area lets you quickly handle the myriad tasks that come with running an online store. If
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  21. Features
    The following features are supported:
    simple configuration with one or many ports
    cleaning of files, folders and registry entries
    automatic removal of scan directories, files and registry entries
    security checks for removable devices, system paths and user data
    removal of non-reusable files (i.e. temporary files created by malware)
    restoration of files
    automatic cleaning up of data left on external hard disks
    automatic removal of files with an attachment from Outlook (.pst) and Lotus
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    Let’s not kid ourselves though, there is a learning curve. The Nerve user guide is reasonably clear, but it’s also beneficial to consult other user notes. This will help with the discovery of Nerve’s features and setting that could eventually become your favorites.
    You’ll want
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  23. Slide the slider to change the length of the rainbow and the colors emitted from the glass will follow. The distribution is calculated based on the volume of the emitted light. The formula uses the Beer Lambert law which is used to calculate wavelengths of light.

    The stock Android keyboard is getting a cute update, and here’s a video tour of what you can expect to find.
    There are four new icons on the left. The first is the preset keyboard, which allows you to set
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  24. A Little Bit More Information
    It is not possible to access the settings from the main window. You have to use the context menu and go to Settings to locate and edit the hotkey combination.
    On the plus side, once you edit the settings in the menu, you can save them and they will remain in place even after a reboot of your computer.

    The application works as advertised. You go to the main window, you see the hotkey combo for locking your screen, you
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  25. Key Features:
    ✔ Remove Toolbars and Extensions from IE, Firefox and Chrome
    ✔ Keep Files of Detected Items
    ✔ Set Default Values (For IE and Chrome Only)
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    ✔ Set Timeout and Scan Settings

    Image Professional is a powerful, high quality image processing and manipulation tool. It can process batches of images and applies a wide range of effects from sharpening to grain deblurring.
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    Easy-to-use and self-
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  27. Video to Picture is a fun software application designed to provide you with an efficient means of creating image sequences or GIF animations, by extracting frames from your favorite movies, music videos or YouTube clips.
    Fast and simple image extraction
    This conversion tool is fairly simple to use, since all you have to do is select the video file you want to work with and start fiddling with settings to start the conversion task.
    Preview and trim videos
    A built-in player enables you to view the
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  28. Further Information:

    Microsoft Documentation

    It also has a good number of examples and applications to open in Visual Studio.
    wodDHCPServer Features:

    Hash address pool (an easy way to just group your blocks of IP addresses.
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    Supports DHCP relay.
    Secure (well secured DHCP server, can help with NAT Tra
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    Virus and Malware protection for Windows 10
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    Panda Security Inc., founded in 1995, is a global internet security company focused on securing home PCs, business PCs, mobile devices (Windows, Android, and iOS), and server devices, as well as large companies’ networks and workstations. The company has operations in eight regions and fields a number of product lines, including antivirus, internet security, identity theft protection, internet services, mobile devices, privacy and content filters. Panda Security’s products have been used by
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    Awarded: Gold

    Product Overview

    Reservation Master Pro is a comprehensive program that enables you to easily manage your business in hotels, motels, guest houses, lodges, inns, bed and breakfast or campgrounds. The application works as a digital front-end assistant, allowing you to book reservations, perform check-ins, monitor stays or generate invoices.
    Reservation view and calendar
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  36. A multi-tabbed layout and an optional Help manual are included on the installation, but as always, the free version includes only 4 tabs and a certain number of text elements while missing some core features.
    .© Andrew Burton/Getty Images

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    In the Canadian Football League, it’s
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    The App That Makes Managing Icons
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