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    Xcode debugger doesn’t recognize my own class variable

    So I have a class that generates a Random Integer Array. I made another class to do some sound effects, one sound effect for each integer in my random array, and a String for the caption for each random number.
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  11. Version History


    This has been a great piece of software. However sometimes loading takes a bit of time and when I launch the tester it doesn’t show up. I assume this means that something has gone wrong. Is there anyway that I can get this message on the “You Launch” screen?

    Anonymous submitted to the Coder’s Toolbox page.

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    The Show Me The Template application is a zip file containing screenshots of all available control templates in 2 themes:

    Theme: Modern

    Theme: Filmstrip


    ShowMe the Template.cs (source)
    This is the source code for Show Me The Template.

    a.cs: My version of the back-end controller for dealing with
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    July 16th, 2017

    PC Phone

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