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  1. Because the program is written in Java, it can be installed on both Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. MicroDEM supports both 32-bit and 64-bit processors.
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    Virtueo Explorer is a WordPress database extraction plugin that comes with a user-friendly interface. It lets users connect directly to a cPanel or MySQL database and get all related data within few clicks, no FTP or PHP programming knowledge required.
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  5. My goal for this project is to develop a full 3D open source electromagnetic code package that is accessible to people who need to solve a problem that is currently not available in commercial packages (e.g., Maxwell’s Equations in MATLAB).
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    Able to extract EXIF data from multiple JPEG image files
    Simple and no-frills drag and drop workflow
    Support for both files and folders
    Intuitive, plain text processing
    Numerous EXIF metadata options:
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    * \see eventData
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  14. What’s New

    This release contains:
    1.10, added the ability to multiple-select to create a parallel port.
    1.9, reconfigured the TON pin to VCC, this creates a problem where TON is active when the board is driven. GndPol is now better specified.
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    In January 2011, Greenfield was awarded its second police chief since merging with the original Greenfield police. Michael Pratt was the first chief of the combined Greenfield Police Department and was a nationally registered instructor of National Police Academy, United States of America.

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