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  1. Of course, if you can access a computer running a Windows OS or you have an external hard drive on hand, you should have no problem getting the app on your system and encrypting one or more of your folders. If you don’t have access to the latter, or worse still, are a Linux user, then keep on reading as we talk about the app’s alternatives.

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  2. The application may have some issues, though, if you attempt to convert files containing long waveforms. Otherwise, it’s not too difficult to use it, even if you’re not a media converter expert.

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  4. Logic has to be credited for sticking to it single-purpose approach. It’s not a universal-purpose folder app, but it’s ideal for creating naming patterns, which is all it was intended for.

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  6. BadNTFS was created by Glen Coco, who also took the time to provide a free download for the program.
    BadNTFS can be downloaded from Glen Coco’s website, and you will also find a link to its discussion forum in the download section of this review.

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  15. Overall a recommendable tool, especially if you’re trying to find rare or large documents in your documents folder.

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    Very little user guide.

    Only basic functionality for the price.

    Too basic.

    Very little user guide.


    Q: Is it possible to import RTF files?

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  27. What it lacks in customization, it compensates with ease of use. We really didn’t have any issues with it, and would recommend it to anyone who prefers a lightweight and straightforward tool for creating symbolic links.
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