our programs

ABC +E=V3 Campaigns.

These Campaigns have been carried out in 60 schools, 20 religious institutions and the local community in 6 districts of Uganda. We use skits, drummer, debates, music, and talk shows on media, film shows, runs, and information materials to carry out these campaigns.

BCC (Behavior Change Campaigns).

The BCCs are also carried out in 60 schools, local communities in Wakiso, Kampala, Mbale, Masaka, Mbarara, and Jinja, corporate offices and 20 religious institutions. BCCs means, to do things in the way that people think is correct or polite. We use pre-presentation assessments, celebrity patrol, role modeling, introduction of ACC Clubs in schools, testimonies, career guidance, imitating the situation, and use of skits and MDD during the campaigns.

ACC Clubs in academic institutions.

These clubs target Academic Institutions, Youth in religious institutions, and Young people in youth and children supporting organizations. Like Naguru Teenage Centre, Children Homes, youth Centers. They are formed to establish a lasting platform for Peace education, Behavior Change and ABC Campaigns.

Community Work and support.

AHI-Uganda team carries out community work to support health, sanitation, and good shelter especially in slum, and poor rural areas. It can be in form of cleaning, repairing a house, building toilets, painting among many.

Obulamu fate of time film.

This is a film production, written by AHI-Uganda. It focuses on youths at Campus, HIV/AIDS, Health, Teenage mothers, Early pregnancy, parenting, Drug addiction, and bad peer groups, Support Jajja project (Grandmother’s program), proper use of ARVs, Sex education, Prostitution, Influence of money, the black market and Violence. It is aimed at disseminating information on Behavior Change to youth on media worldwide.

Bursary scheme.

This is done first through needs assessment, then in partnership with able sponsors and donors, we are able to meet the education needs of children infected with HIV/AIDS, needy orphans, needy poor children who are good academic performers, children of community members who are needy, and street children who are ready to go back to school.

Teenage Mothers Program.

This is done in partnership with Naguru teenage center. This is aimed at reducing the rate of teenage pregnancy, the rate at which teenage mothers die of fistula, and promote Behavior Change among the teens.

Mercy bag program.

AHI-Uganda first identifies needy households through household assessments, then mobilizes the interested persons to go through simple skills training on simple money making projects. They are them given initial capital in groups of 10, which they refund after a year of successful operation.

Young Mother’s Clubs.

The young mothers program identifies young mothers in the community who are adolescents who got pregnant at a young age and aims at preventing HIV infection, advocating for their rights and giving them a second chance in life to be in position to meet their goals/purpose in life and empowering them economically through hand skills to become self-reliant.

Train up a child.

This is a program for young children, which engages kindergarteners, Sunday School children, and children in social homes. It is aimed at promoting Behavior Change and preventing the development of bad characters among children.

VSLA Village Saving and Loans Association.

Village Savings and Loans Associations and independent self-selected and managed groups of 15-30 persons who pool small amounts of their savings weekly to be able to take out and repay small loans and make gains at the end of the year

Hope for a fresh start.

This targets prisoners, x-prostitutes, refugees, street children, HIV/AIDS victims, widows and rape victims. It is a program that involves giving hope and support for a new successful beginning to those who have been affected by bad situations and circumstances in life.

Community and Social Support.

At AHI, we believe that coming holistically for the vulnerable people goes beyond. Needs and care, household visits, we reach out to our clients in their own communities, empowering them psychologically, health wise, economically, and advocate for both legal rights and helping the HIV affected and needy Orphans and vulnerable children.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs).

AHI supports OVCs who are infected and/ or affected by HIV/AIDS. In line with the Uganda Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development guidelines.
AHI-Uganda further provides OVC households with tailor made services in the core program areas of economic strengthening, food security, nutrition, education, health, water, sanitation and shelter, child protection, legal support, psychosocial and basic care support.
AHI-Uganda community support staffs (counselors), offer household home-based HIV counseling and guidance and linkage for support services within the organization. AHI-Uganda also works closely with other OVC service providers including Uganda child rights NGO network, Uganda Child help line (SAUTI), Naguru Teenage health and information center, reach out Mbuya, MILDMAY for linkages and referrals of OVCs for additional services such as health and legal support.


This is done together with partners like HWPL. Our target is schools communities and religious institutions. We believe in a peaceful world.

Skilling of women and youths

We mobilize, register, train and equip interested members of the community with skills in practical entrepreneurship skills, fashion and design, soap and sanitizer making, chalk making among many. Registration is in progress.