— Service Delivery

AHI-Uganda is a staunch believer in a very strong and efficient service delivery in the fields of health, education and social-economic development. For this purpose, AHI-Uganda management has always delivered services in the communities in a transparent manner taking care of quantity and quality. It is only because of this very reason that the AHI-Uganda interventions have always helped in meeting the community needs and achieving the desired objectives.


— Advocacy

AHI-Uganda advocacy is achieving better results in the field of social/economic/health/rural/Urban/community development, AHI-Uganda also believes in advocacy and therefore, the management has always strongly advocated for the issues related to AHI-Uganda. For achieving this objective, AHI-Uganda through its strong advocacy as approached the line departments of Government of Uganda, NGOs, CBOs, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), members of the community, notables and AHI-Uganda has always promoted the right based approach and supported the dialogue as an important tool for achieving the above mentioned objectives.


— Community/Social Mobilization

AHI-Uganda while implementing its programme/projects as a first step undertakes community mobilization in order to raise awareness in community on Behavior Change, peace, health and hygiene, importance of ABC+E=V3 approach in the community, gender related issues, socio-economic development, and birth registration. For this purpose AHI-Uganda management holds meetings with the community members, conducts training/capacity building sessions and also launched Behavior Change campaigns in Uganda and the ACC Clubs for the young people in schools.


— How we work

AHI-Uganda offers training for financial development among members in poor communities like Kasenyi Banda Slum, visits prisoners, refugees, homeless individuals, the poor elderly and the sick to give them hope, care and support, interacts with sex wokers and encourage them to allow behavior change by quitting prostitution and adopting healthier means of earning income, and visits schools to campaign for behavior change and introduce ACC clubs(Abstinence Character Change Clubs) in those schools to be able to help the students better.


— Work Focus

The different AHI-Uganda teams carry out the following tasks, with the support of AHI partners, interns and volunteers; Mentorship programs, media outreaches, seminars, conferences, youth and children camps, hope debates in local communities and schools, workshops, voluntary services, Behavior/Character change campaigns, bursaries, child sponsorship, youth development projects, peer education, community health mobilization, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, Peaceful living, Referrals, Sex education, Child advocacy and educative youth film shows.


— Where we work

AHI-Uganda is currently operating in Uganda, with branches in, Kampala district Wakiso district, Jinja district, Mbale district, Mbarara district and Masaka district. The main office is located at Kireka-Kamuli, Wakiso district, along kilule road. P.O Box 40491. Uganda East Africa.

Focus areas
The organization focuses on Behavior/Character Change, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, poverty eradication, economic development, archiving a corruption free state, child sponsorship, community voluntary work, care and support, and safe media out reaches.


Bringing Dreams within Reach for Children

Through our bursary sponsorship program, most needy children reached are seeing their education dreams a reality. They are sure of becoming that great person they hoped to become.

Changing negative Mindsets and giving birth to positive Character.

When we move from one school to another preaching the Behavior Change gospel, using ABC+E=V3 approach (Abstinence from all life threatening behaviors, Be faithful to yourself, friends, work, God, partner etc, Character change plus etiquette. ). We are Transforming generations.

Youths Rise to Greatness in Uganda

The AHI-Uganda empowered Youth is self motivated, innovative and economically creative. ACC Clubs produce great leaders, and solution providers. Uganda has hope.

Wiping Tears

Child abuse is our reason for fighting. Children are assets of Nations and must be cherished. Fight against Child torture, advocate for Children’s rights.

Peaceful coexistence

We advocate for peace in partnership with HWPL. Peaceful mindsets contribute to positive development.

Youths in and out of school

Youths are the very reason for our existence. ABC+E=V3  and Behavior Change Campaigns target youths in and out of school. We cannot Change the world without the youths. We encourage Abstinence from Drug abuse, Violence, Sexual immorality, Corruption, and Childbuse among many which are killing the great potential in our Youths.


support us and change the course of a life today!