Education is a key to bringing up an economically productive person. All children have a right to education. Work with AHI-Uganda to make 5 million children enjoy this right.

Programs under Education

Education Support

We support children in form of half, full and partial school fees. Basing on the OVC assessment results concerning that particular child. All well wishers are free to contact us and participate in this.



By skilling women and youths in different communities, AHI-Uganda is educating these beneficiaries on how to economically sustain their families and improve their way of living.


Due to the  different education standards among different Countries. AHI-Uganda is linking brilliant needy children to Colleges and Schools out of the Country, through collaboration and sponsorship programs.

Organising Women and youths groups

The idea of two heads are better than one and no man is an island, has made sense in this program. People are able to make a difference when they join hands and work together. AHI-Uganda’s groups are really successful.