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Enjoy the entire process of service provision, interact with people in different communities and change the life of a child, follow up on a family and contribute to value addition through our skilling programs, save lives through counselling as a Volunteer.

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School Outreaches

Participate in the Character change sessions, and follow up on given schools including interacting with the ACC Clubs.

Community Outreaches

Work with the different women and youths groups in given regions of the Country. Participate in the OVC program, Skilling and the peace seed program

Prison Outreaches

Participate in our mindset change, and distribution programs. Make a positive impact in a prisoner's life.

Religious Institutions Outreaches

Participate in Hope for a fresh start, transform ministries, be part of the Skilling program for ministries.

Our Services

Our volunteers from different Countries will have the following services.

Work Permit

AHI-Uganda may take part in the work permit process, to ensure that the organization works with the right people.

Transport & Accommodation

Our accommodation is based on the project selected. You may need to stay in the community and be part of the people during some occasions.

Health & Safety

Our health and safety policy ensures the safety of our volunteers.

Orienting & Training

AHI-Uganda will cater for all your training as a volunteer. Prior to any activity.

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Contact us for information about the requirements and registration.

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