Programs under Peace

Peace is got from within one self, from God, from a free mindset, and from healthy relationships. AHI-Uganda strongly collaborates with HWPL in South Korea to promote peace.

Peace Education

We train trainers on a peace education Course from south Korea. Then these trainees, go to schools to spread peace through peace education.

Religious Dialogues

These dialogues bring all religious heads together to discuss one common Topic with reference to their scriptures in their respective religion. These include, born again Christians, Catholics, Anglicans, Buddhists, Bahai, Hindu, among many. All aiming at promoting peace and frienship.

Peace Seed

This program is carried out in children homes, churches, kindergartens, and schools. Through papet shows with peace messages, songs and fun games.

Peace Letter Campaigns

The letter campaign involves everyone, targeting Country Heads, to support the declaration of peace and ceasation of war in the whole world.