Technology For Women

Technology is a great asset to help in gender equality. When a woman is technologically literate, so is the whole family. For she is the number one influencer in a home. Skill one woman, skill a nation.

Technology for Women in Agriculture

Despite the inequalities in Uganda and the world in general, women contribute to 88% of agricultural labour force an activity that contributes to 76% of Uganda’s economy. That is why supporting women in Agriculture with technological knowledge and support is so helpful to the target communities.

Digital Literacy Course

As a way of adding value and supporting women to cope with the ever evolving technologies, in the digital world. AHI-Uganda trains women and youths in digital literacy, despite the limitation in gadgets. We are able to skill a few at a time.


Despite the on going women emancipation. A very big number of women are still unprivileged and taken advantage off. Through this program, AHI-Uganda links women to opportunities and services that can lift them in their careers. Basing on their potential and areas of interest in a legal and proper manner, but in line with technology.