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We extend our sincerest gratitude to all the supportive families, well-wishers, and individuals who have immensely contributed to the growth and success of the children in different communities. The impact of your compassionate efforts is truly commendable as over 3000 children have access to education, food, medication, and shelter, thanks to your generous contributions. We value your continued partnership with us as we strive to provide for the less fortunate and vulnerable children in society. Your benevolent actions are integral to the positive changes and growth we see in the children, and we appreciate your steadfast commitment to our cause.

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Success Story

We are pleased to share the success story of Baby Zion, who was born healthy and safe to a courageous 17-year-old mother who had received counselling and chose not to terminate her pregnancy due to fear of rejection. Baby Zion has been fortunate enough to receive ongoing support from Phionah, a generous sponsor from the United Kingdom who provides financial assistance for the baby's medical care, food, and clothing. We are thrilled to report that Baby Zion is now 9 months old and thriving. This inspiring story is a testament to the importance of mindset change and the positive outcomes that can be achieved through support and perseverance. We will continue to monitor Baby Zion's progress and provide assistance as needed.

Featured Children

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Atim Josephine

Josephine is a three-year-old girl who resides in Kireka, Wakiso. She is a delightful and sociable young lady who enjoys singing, playing and dancing. Josephine’s father rejected her at birth, leaving her young single mother to raise her amidst financial challenges. Thankfully, the church has been providing support and shelter for her. Josephine’s primary needs at the moment are Education and Shelter.

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Joram, Jordan and Joseline

The following are the details of three siblings from a needy household in Mbale: Joram Muyelelo (12 years), Jordan Wamimbi (8 years), and Joseline Namukasa (7 years). Joram is a happy and active boy who enjoys playing football and athletics; he is in need of educational support, nourishment, clothes, and parental affection. Jordan is a humble and playful boy who likes to assist others whenever possible. He is easy to get along with, and his educational needs, as well as food, love, and clothing from his parents, have to be met. Lastly, Joseline is a charming and diligent young girl who enjoys gardening, singing, and playing with her mates. She requires help in areas such as education, food, clothes, and care from her parents. Please consider providing aid for these siblings in need if possible.

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Jonah, Mercy and Gloria

The following is a short profile of three siblings from Kinawataka, Kampala. The children are aged six, three, and seven months, and their genders are male, female, and female, respectively. The family is in a needy household, and they require assistance in several areas including education, food, shelter, and clothes.

JohnPeter Openseni, known as Jonah, is a sociable, intelligent, and active boy who enjoys playing football and other physical activities. He has a loving personality that brings people together.

Veronica Mercy Ikesa is a quiet and intelligent girl who enjoys playing alone. She is obedient and receptive to polite instructions. She also requires assistance in education, food, shelter, and clothes.

Gloria Gimbo is a joyful young girl despite facing malnutrition and appearing younger than her age due to limited parental support. She requires assistance in food, medication, clothes, and shelter.

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Emma, Pius, Titus and Angel

This report provides information about four orphaned siblings from a needy household located in Kanyum, Kumi. The gender distribution of the siblings is two boys and two girls. The siblings are under the care of a sick and needy grandmother. Okwii Emmanuel, the oldest sibling is a simple, humble, intelligent teenager who loves sports, especially football. Akudo Pius, the second-born, is a hardworking boy who also enjoys playing football. Okanya Titus, the third-born, is an active and innovative young boy who loves music and poetry. The youngest, Alupo Angel Precious, is a humble and intelligent girl who enjoys singing and acting. The siblings’ greatest areas of need are education, clothing, shelter, and parental love. It is essential to support these siblings to achieve their full potential and improve their livelihoods.

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Moreen Asio

Age: 6

Location: Mbuya, Kampala

Gender: Female 

Short Profile: 

Moreen is a Jolly, Social and inquisitive young girl. At the age 3 experienced child torture and witnessed violence against her mother, as the father constantly beat her mother to bleeding point. After her parents’ separation, she had challenges of hunger, shelter and clothes. They stayed in one of the slum shelters, that flooded each rainy season. Rejected and abandoned by her father, Moreen stays stays with her single mother who has a lot of difficulty meeting her needs as a growing child.


To support a child or a family, you can select a child or family of your choice, contact us, register and start interacting with the family, send support and visit any time. Follow up on the child’s welfare and be part of the child’s transformation.

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