We carry out House hold assessments to source out beneficiaries for the bursary scheme, Food relief scheme, Economic strengthening, Counselling services, and Psycho social support among many.

Bible Distribution

The Mercy Bag enables people who cannot afford to access study bibles, to recieve these bibles with great support from the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

Jaja Project

The Mercy Bag allows us to reach out to the needy elderly, those in need of our support. In form of food, house renovation, medication, physical therapy and water access.

Skilling Programs

Through the Mercy Bag, we have been able to facilitate trainers and all the requirements for each skilling program.

Child Support

More than 3700 less privileged children and youths from needy house holds have benefited from this scheme.

The OVC Program

Our OVC Teams move into local communities targeting the most vulnerable. With the aim of meeting the needs of needy Children.

Food Relief

With the support of kind hearted well wishers, food support has reached those homes mostly affected with COVID 19. This is a continuous program even post COVID

Child Sponsorship

This program targets the most needy children (Total Orphans, and Vulnerable Children, Children Affected with HIV/Aids, Children in Refugee camps, street Children and Children born in prisons).

Clean Water Supply

In collaboration with partners, funders and service providers, this program is intended to extend clean water to the most vulnerable communities.

Ending Menstural Poverty

This involves activities like distributing sanitary towels and pads to girls in vulnerable areas and schools, including education on menstrual hygiene and high self esteem.

How To Participate

You can donate food (Maize, Rice, Milk Powder, beans, and Cooking oil), clothes, scholastic materials, sanitary towels and pads, building materials, offer a service, take a child to school, fund a project of your choice. Your kind contribution is highly appreciated.

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